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A simple diversion for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Download Mü!Download it from iTunes by clicking here:

FireworksToy is a very simple little application that displays fireworks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  Start the application and enjoy your very own soothing fireworks display.
The fireworks respond to gravity. No matter how you orient your device, the fireworks will always fall "down".

Tap on the screen and a firework will be launched towards the location you tapped.

Drag your fingers across the screen and dozens of colorful fireworks will be launched towards the path your fingers traced.

Use your favorite picture as a background to create a simulated fireworks show over your favorite city or landmark! *


* Here's a neat tip: you can use your device's built in web browser and your favorite web search engine to easily find pictures of your favorite city or landmark at night. Then all you have to do is tap and hold on the picture until the "copy" menu comes up. Then you can copy the picture to your device and use it as a background in FireworksToy!

FireworksToy running on an iPhone or iPod touch:
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

FireworksToy running on an iPad: (click on an image to view full size)
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

FireworksToy was brought to you for free by Steve Blanding and House Full of Games.

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FireworksToy was originally created as the victory overlay for but Steve thought that it was fun enough to play with that he decided to also release it for free as a stand-alone application.  We hope you enjoy playing with it!  Tell your friends!

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